Why I need to Coach

There is a Coach living deep within every-one of us, affirming our purpose though often-times, the voice is strained, drained and muffled by the daily struggles we encounter. We often strive to overcome obstacles, and in my case this was done through achievements in qualifications, certifications and trainings.

I have stumbled and fumbled to find myself, being stiff necked and proud, refused to bend my knees and became a prisoner to logic.  A wise man said “And I set my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this is also is grasping for the wind.” Continue reading “Why I need to Coach”

The Fallacy of eCommerce

Focus on your marketplace

eCommerce is often portrayed as a glamorous and hands-free (digital) occupation while the backroom (plumbing) is often overlooked at the envisioning (startup) stage by the entrepreneur.

A great deal of emphasis (and rightly so) is often on the website and digital marketing, which needs to be integrated into backroom.  However consideration needs to be given to the over-arching structure to find the right balance to ensure business growth. So you how do you find a business model that suits?

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Map your Business Growth Strategy

Refresh your business model

It is always necessary to re-evaluate and refocus your business growth plans. Refresh your business model and increase your profit margin – and you’ll want to do this with as little cost as possible.

We sometimes forget that our businesses are affected by external factors – things that are out of our control. It’s a good idea to prepare, with these factors in mind, as you start your business growth– and a good approach is the PESTLE approach.

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Rebel without a Career Track

How I mislaid my Career Track

My return to Nigeria after graduation in the USA was a culture shock. In hindsight, I was actually fighting a Battle on two fronts., which led to how I mislaid my career track.

  • The patriarchy dictate of doing 20 years corporate stint alongside the top-down directives of authority figures.
  • My personality trait of social incompetence where I did not have the emotional intelligence to manage my situation.
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How to find your Tribe

Musings of a divergent

I should simply say …Go where you are wanted!
Maslow’s law has fulfillment as the apex once we have food, shelter, material belongings satisfied. Fulfillment then would be about satisfying your ego and then you need to find your tribe which then equates to finding your tribe. So definitely who wouldn’t want to be Leader of the Tribe (pack)?

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Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor

Meet Our Mentor

adesgoogleplusAde Awokoya
Director, LBAcademy Ltd
Ecommerce strategy, Mobile Business

How do I get mentoring?

Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor are a vital part of the structure and support we provide to new entrepreneurs who are embarking on new start-up business ventures.

Mentors come to us from a variety of backgrounds.  All are skilled, successful and knowledgeable on a key area of business and possess a desire to help and support others.

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The Fallacy of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, building and thriving in a network

Entrepreneurship is often portrayed as a cavalier lunge through to success and depicted as the ONE person/individual overcoming the odds! So what are the real chances of success?  There is a dismal record of business failure within the first three years in the Small Business sector and in my professional practice I have also seen first-hand, a similar track record for project management in Large Corporates.

So what to do?

It is about building and thriving in a network and collaboration, which could be informal. How to thrive is building key partnerships and using knowledge share.  Continue reading “The Fallacy of Entrepreneurship”